"Funny" Stuff

Hey all,

From time to time I make a brutally embarrassing attempt at comedy.  Since these attempts generally end in failure and hurt feelings, I thought it would be fantastic to gather them up and put them in one depressing place.  Here you go!

A bunch of Twins players' heads on bird bodies
A bunch of Twins players' heads on animal bodies

I wrote a fake career retrospective for Alf.  You know, the puppet.

I wrote a screenplay about the Twins' promotions for 2013.  I spent way too much time on formatting.
I wrote a squeakquel in 2014.

Remember when Gardy and Aaron Hicks had that little spat in the dugout?  I speculated on what they were arguing about.

I was briefly obsessed with Gary Wayne's face on his 1991 Score Baseball Card so I photoshopped that face onto famous album covers

Oh, I live-blogged the 2013 trade deadline, which was pretty uneventful.

I had an AIM conversation with my 12-year-old self.  It went well.

Fake Anthony Slama Timeline

Made fun of loud people 

Celebrated Kevin Slowey's lack of success

Some stupid Clete Thomas animations

I "improved" the All-Star Game events

I vowed to remake the classic 1991 Twins dancing video

I found some former Twins having success with different occupations

I analyzed how some players wear their caps

I pondered how the world would be different if the Twins drafted Mark Prior instead of Joe Mauer

I reported on the Twins' 5th hot dog decision

I'll add more if I ever write anything "funny" again.

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