Rookie Card of the Week

Do you like baseball cards?  Are you confused by new baseball cards with their light-bending and multiple colors around the card?  Do you like older players with silly facial hair and odd expressions?  This is the place for you!  Each week, I will go to eBay and find a different rookie card for under $5.  I will buy it, write about it and then relish it.  The shoebox I picked out for these cards is going to be awesome.

Here are past RCs of the week:

1985 Topps Shane Mack for $1
1982 Donruss Kent Hrbek for $2
1986 Donruss Bo Jackson for $1.75
1983 Fleer Frank Viola for $1.99
1983 Fleer Tony Gwynn from my collection


  1. Here's a recommendation for your next one: Zolio!

    1. I love it, those older designs are fantastic!