Forgotten Twins?

Do you really remember these former Twins, or do you remember their names?  I do all the real research and find out for you.  I use all the best sites:  Wikipedia, Google, FanGraphs, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Baseball Reference.  If the player is not featured to my liking, they are officially forgotten.  The entire first paragraph will come from my own memory though.  No guarantees for accuracy or insight.  At the very end, I will ask one random person if they remember the player.  Here are some players you may have forgotten:

Bernardo Brito
Brian Harper
John Moses
Pedro Munoz
Freddie Toliver
Gary Wayne
Fred Manrique
Clete Thomas
Mark Funderburk

I apologize for all the freaking ads on the Munoz and Toliver posts.  


  1. How about Dusin Mohr? I liked that guy.

    1. Good one! I have Bobby Kielty on my list, so I should probably add his counterpart. Thanks!