Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What is Oswaldo Arcia doing with his arms?

The Minnesota Twins are going through a bit of a rough patch.  The White Sox are terrible, but hit the Twins hard today and won the series.  The Twins rotation is not performing.  Mike Pelfrey seems jolly, but that's not enough.  Vance Worley has cool glasses, but that's not cutting it.  Pedro Hernandez is a lefty, but even that isn't getting the job done.

In addition, there are questions about the offense.  Is Josh Willingham slumping or getting old?  Is Chris Parmelee an everyday player?  Is Aaron Hicks breaking out or just simply not historically awful anymore?  Is Trevor Plouffe wearing more and more eye-black, in some sort of ritualistic manner to try to voodoo his way to success against right-handed pitching?

These are all legitimate questions, but not questions that interest me at all.  I am most concerned with what Oswaldo Arcia is doing with his arms when he makes this motion:

Also, why is he so happy?  Anyway, here's a link to a picture, if you are into accurate representations.

Back to the question at hand, what is Arcia doing?  Someone stated that it's some sort of team-building symbol invented by Wilkin Ramirez.  I'M NOT BUYING IT!  Body language is universal, so I should be able to decipher what is meant when Arcia makes that "o" shape with his arms without being told.

I have theories, which I present to you without commentary:
  • Asking for more Ovaltine, please
  • Cracking walnuts for some of the smaller and weaker players
  • Creating a self-picture frame, in order to assist people when they take pictures (or draw pictures) of him
  • Spelling out his name, one letter at a time, with the intent unveiling a new letter every few weeks
  • Advertising for
  • Telling Pedro Florimon that he loves him "this much"
  • Trying to turn into a hot air balloon
  • Creating the number zero, in a subtle homage to his favorite player of all time:  Junior Ortiz
  • Ripping Joe Mauer for not hitting more home runs
  • Only one country starts with the letter "O" and that is Oman; he just learned that and is really excited to tell people about it
  • Asking Ron Gardenhire to make him some eggs
  • Trying to relate to Anthony Swarzak by flashing a crop circle sign to him, while in the bullpen
  • It's not intentional, it's just how he stands normally

What is he really doing?  You be the judge.  If you have theories of your own, please share.  

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