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25 Minnesota Twins Drafts in 25 Days: 1992

The 1992 draft.  Wowzers.  If the 1991 draft was known for the error that was David McCarty, the 1992 draft is an entire draft of David McCarty.  McCartyism?  This will be the final draft where I disparage David McCarty, as he was and is one million times better than I am at baseball (roughly).  Let's just say the 1992 draft didn't go well and leave it there.  Wait, that would be way too short.  Let's say it didn't go well and then discuss it some more.

1st Round Pick

Dan Serafini with the 26th overall pick.  Serafini was a high school kid, so he was clearly drafted on promise.  He broke that promise.  Serafini reached the majors in 1996, at the age of 22.  By 2000, he was basically out of baseball, save for a couple stints in 2003 and 2007.  He pitched just over 263 innings and posted a 4.3 K/9 and 4.0 BB/9 for his career.  Yikes.

Ah, but what if? 

With the 35th overall pick, the Royals selected Johnny Damon.  The Twins could have had a caveman patrolling their outfield for a decade.  Think of the creative commercials that would have been made!  Instead... Dan Serafini.

Best Player Drafted

The Twins drafted Dan Naulty in the 14th round and he actually made it to the Majors!  He gave the Twins about 120 mediocre innings over three seasons and is easily the best player they drafted that year.  He had four saves as a rookie too!

Worst Player to Reach MLB

Congratulations again to Dan Serafini!  Fini (as I assume he was called in the clubhouse; that or, feens, or Danny or Sera-dude, or DanDan, or something) posted a -0.7 WAR for his career, narrowly edging out every player who did not make an appearance.

The One Who Got Away

In the 38th round, the Twins drafted Gary Mathews out of high school in California.  Mathews was a second baseman at the time and he did not sign with the team.  He was drafted by the Padres the following year, this time in the 13th round.  He signed with them.  He went on to make one of the most unbelievable catches of all time, along with posting some decent numbers from time to time.

Best Name

Jason Tatar in the 30th round.  The potato or tartar sauce ads would have been delicious.

Fun Facts
  • The players drafted by the Twins in 1992 provided 14.1 WAR.  14.2 came from Mathews.  He didn't sign with the Twins.
  • The Twins received a second second-round pick, this time for losing Dan Gladden to free agency.  They had to return the pick when Gladden returned as a broadcaster.  Sorry, Tom Knauss.
  • The Twins used their final pick to select Craig Dingman, a high school pitcher out of Kansas.  Apparently, the Twins had an eye for talent, as Dingman did not sign, but was later drafted by the New York Yankees.  That's right, the New York Yankees.  They have 28 World Series titles.  Not too shabby.  Don't look up his stats!  Seriously, leave the mystique about Dingman to breathe.
  • I can't come up with anything fun about this draft.

All those drafted who made it to the Bigs

Gary Mathews, Dan Naulty, Gus Gandarillas, Scott Watkins, Dan Serafini, and Craig Dingman

One Sentence Summary

This draft was gross.

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  1. Just so everyone is clear, I purposely spelled Gary Matthews' name wrong throughout as a protest. I can't explain what I am protesting though. Perhaps I am protesting proper spelling or respect. Not sure. Anyway, I apologize to everyone for not making that clear. What a bum I am.