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Monday Morning Madness - May 6, 2013

Hello all.  I'm going to try to be more consistent with my posts.  I figure, if anyone actually wants to read the senseless ramblings of a madman, the madman should probably be conscientious enough to provide the ramblings in a consistent manner.  A couple weeks back, I posted a Gimmick Post with some fun gimmicky ideas and I enjoyed writing it.  I have also written some series recaps here and there, but I usually only have time to hit the weekend series.  Both are fun, but I don't have time for both.

Frankenstein's monster, let's combine the two.  Every Monday, I will recap the weekend series briefly and then move into some of the more random stuff, including poems, paint images and shameless self-promotion.  I am also planning something for every Friday morning, although the content and format will be inconsistent.  I'll also throw up some random stuff during the week, if something strikes my fancy.  Enough with the idioms and explanation.    

Weekend Recap

Clearly Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey switches faces for the weekend.  Granted, their height, build, pitching style, body language, and pretty much everything else looked the same.  Regardless, their performances from the weekend can only be explained by a Face/Off situation where Correia needed to pump some information from Pelfrey's incarcerated brother.  Pelfrey had his first great start with the Twins on Sunday and Correia had his first clunker on Saturday. 

Starting pitching has been the litmus test all season long.  The Twins got two poor starts this weekend and one good start.  Not surprisingly, the Twins won Pelfrey's good start and lost Correia and Pedro Hernandez's poor starts.
On offense, I get way too excited about home runs.  Aaron Hicks hit his first career home run and I actually cheered out loud.  I pumped my fist and everything.  It was embarrassing and my dog moved to another part of the couch as a result.  Chris Parmelee and Trevor Plouffe each hit home runs in the series and I of course assumed each was playing really well as a result.  They really aren't.  Home runs are fun though. 

Random Top 5 List

The Top 5 Lowest Season BB/9  in Twins' history:
  1. Carlos Silva - 0.43 - 2005
  2. Brad Radke - 1.03 - 2005
  3. Brad Radke - 1.04 - 2001
  4. Brad Radke - 1.07 - 2004
  5. Brad Radke - 1.19 - 2003
Answer to a Hypothetical Facebook Question

Q:  Twins? in the ALLSTAR game? What?

A:  The MLB All-Star Game is played every July.  All-Star is one hyphenated word and you do not need to capitalize the whole word.  Each season, fans get to vote for the players who they feel are the best in the game.  Generally, they do a pretty terrible job, but have yet to be fired or even issued a written warning. 

The Twins will have a player on the ballot at each position.  When you get a ballot, either at a game or on the internet, you can select the players who you feel are most deserving.  This includes Joe Mauer, if you want to vote for him.  If you are basing your All-Star vote on a player's most recent 25 at-bats, you will be disenfranchised. 

Each team will have at least one All-Star, so if you feel that no one on the team deserves the honor, you will be disappointed to be forced to watch a player from your favorite team, should you choose to watch the All-Star Game.  That being said, voting at an actual game is a total calamity, as those little holes are hardly easy to punch.  Typically, attempting to punch those holes will end in frustration and/or oversized holes. 

Random Paint Image

Delmon Young is back in the Bigs!  I drew this during the World Series last year.  I can't remember why and it needs to see the light of day.  I guess that explains why Delmon is wearing a Tigers hat.  Anyway, in this portrayal, Delmon has taken a poor route on a fly ball, wandered out of the stadium and rammed into Detroit's water supply, flooding the city.  But then, you probably already knew that from the image.

Random Plug

Sam Miller is fantastic.  He writes for Baseball Prospectus and tends to aim for the lighter side of baseball.  In this article, he created the International Conference On Reverse Engineering The Rules Of 21st Century Recreational Activities in order to determine how baseball was fun.  I laughed out loud at least three times and considered quitting writing altogether as well.  Read it!

Random Stat

Kevin Correia gave up two home runs in the first inning on Saturday.  He had only allowed two home runs in 36 prior innings this season.  That's nuts!!!

Update on a Former Twin/Something stupid I wrote

Two for one!  Kevin Slowey won a baseball game on Sunday.  IKR?  He hadn't won since September of 2010.  I am well aware that I am easily the most excited Twins' fan when it comes to Slowey's success.  I thought he was great but the Twins justifiably disagreed.  He didn't really produce and if he was a pain in the clubhouse, then I get shipping him off.

I hate when the media rips him, but generally ignore it.  When Dick Bremer was talking trash about him during a game about a month ago, I got all this random traffic to my blog, with people searching for reasons why the Twins didn't like Slowey and instead finding posts about 1989 Donruss and a picture of Trevor Plouffe squaring off against a baby cow.  Regardless, I appreciate the traffic.  Thank you, Dick.

Anyway, no one wants to see a person fail so spectacularly for so long.  Plus, Slowey has been really good this season, posting a 1.81 ERA in 44.2 innings.  I'm glad he won and I think he has to be the NL Comeback Player of the Year to this point.  So that's nice. 

The two for one comes with this link:  Kevin Slowey never wins.  I wrote this on Saturday, and it's probably the worst thing ever written.  Not by me, by anyone.  But, it's fun, so it's cool.  Enjoy.

Something not stupid I wrote

Back in January, in an effort to celebrate TwinsFest, I ranked my 10 favorite Twins of all-time and drew a Paint image to accompany each player.  My proudest drawing ever is included and I would be delighted if anyone wants to guess which Paint I am most proud of.  Here is the link:  Top 10 Twins. 

Parting Haiku

Home runs are so fun
Thrill for both fans and players
Ben Revere has none

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