Saturday, May 11, 2013

Facebook Group? Why not? Rejection, perhaps? SAD!

Ok look, I started a Facebook group and I invite everyone who reads this blog to join. It's not a big deal.  Basically, I thought that it might be fun to have a place to store Paint pictures and allow others to share their own Paint pictures.  So, if you read this, you can join the group here:

Kevin Slowey was Framed! on Facebook

If you don't read this, then...  well, I can't really finish that thought, it's far too something.

Joining the group comes with some obvious benefits.  First, Facebook has better discussion tools than this blog.  Second, Facebook is popular/something the kids do, so you will look great on the page.  Third, I have prizes.  If for some bizarre reason this group gets to 50 "likes" I will give away my 1991 Score Gary Wayne card that I am currently obsessed with.  That's right, I am willing to give away my most prized possession for your loyalty, obedience and like.

Just look at all the things you can do with that card:  Gary Wayne improves famous album covers.

I'll do a random drawing from the pool of 50.  Just think, when I give up on this blog in a few months, you'll have this random page that you belong to and you won't remember why.  Isn't that reason enough?

Speaking of random drawings:

Just look at what you could be missing out on?  A picture of Bartolo Colon stealing the Cy Young Award from Johan Santana.  Seriously, where can you find that on Facebook?  WHERE?!?!?

But seriously, I think it could be a fun way to "virtual hang" and talk Twins and baseball and stats and Trevor Plouffe's eyeblack and Joe Mauer's smile and Microsoft Paint.

So, click the link above, join the group and let's get this horse in the saddle.  We can talk about why Aaron Hicks and Oswaldo Arcia are cool.  Both of them.

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