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25 Minnesota Twins Drafts in 25 Days: 2010

2009 was the final Twins' draft to produce a Twins player.  Obviously, these recent drafts are quite recent and thus there is plenty of time to produce some MLB players.  It just hasn't happened yet.  As such, these recaps need to change a bit.  As Shannon Hoon said, "when life is hard, you have to change."  Life is hard, so even though I just made changes a few drafts ago, further changes are needed.   I'm not sure why you need to know this.  Perhaps I couldn't come up with a good opening.  We'll never know.

1st Round Pick

The Twins selected The Alex Wimmers, a right-handed starter out of The Ohio State University, with the 21st overall pick.  The Twins went consecutive drafts selecting college starters who appeared close to MLB-ready with picks in the early 20s.  Wimmers, and Kyle Gibson the year prior, have not made their MLB debuts. 

Wimmers looked fantastic in his pro debut back in 2010.  Since then, he has had a lot of troubles throwing strikes and then he had Tommy John surgery in 2012.  Wimmers is likely to miss almost all of this season.  He may return for some Winter ball, but he'll basically be starting over as a prospect next season.  Even so, if he recovers from his injury and can get his command back, he could be playing for the Twins by 2015.  If that happens, this was a good pick.  If not, it was an unfortunate pick. 

Ah, but what if?

This is a little tougher now, due to the youth of these players.  However, Christian Yelich was drafted two picks after Wimmers and he looks like a can't miss prospect.  Yelich can flat-out hit.  Of course he's an outfielder and the Twins have like 455 outfielders/outfield prospects. 

If the Twins preferred a pitcher, they could have taken Jesse Biddle (27th overall), Zach Lee (28), Aaron Sanchez (34), Noah Syndergaard (38) or Taijuan Walker (43).  Each is considered a good prospect, while Sanchez and Walker are elite.  Of course, they also could have taken Peter Tago (47) because he has a cool name.

Best Late Round Pick

I like 10th-round pick J.D. Williams.  He was drafted out of Brooks-DeBartolo Collegiate High School in Tampa, Florida.  I always like schools that sounds like Law Firms, so this one makes me happy.  Williams wasn't anything special for Beloit last season, but he has been great with Cedar Rapids this season.  Sure, he's repeating a level and he's 22 and in the Midwest League, but blah blah blah, I don't care.  If he can keep developing as an outfielder (he signed as a shortstop) and keep developing as a hitter, then he'll be one of the best 10th round picks from this draft.  That's something, right?

San Diego drafted Houston Slemp with their 10th round pick and I'm pretty sure that's a fake name.  Just some perspective. 

Oh, 10th round isn't late enough for you?  You ingrate.  Fine.  A.J. Achter was drafted in the 46th round, which is pretty freaking late.  Achter was drafted out of Michigan State and just recently earned a promotion to AA New Britain.  If he even sniffs the Majors out of the 46th round, he'll be the best 46th round pick ever!!!!!  That may not be true, but I refuse to do research.  This isn't school.

Who'll be the first to reach the Majors?

This is tough.  There are quite a few guys at New Britain, but none are very exciting.  I'm going to guess Eddie Rosario, simply because I think he is the best prospect and therefore, he has the best chance to actually reach the Majors.  Rosario was the Twins' fourth-round pick and he's real and he's spectacular.  The man can hit.  He's only at Fort Myers, so he won't be a Twin soon, but his talent should carry him to Minnesota before anyone else in this draft.

Best Prospects
  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Rosario, for reasons I just explained.  Seriously, I just explained them.
  4. Second-round pick Niko Goodrum and not just because he has a sweet name.  He's a shortstop and he's starting to hit.  He was carried off of the field on a stretcher a few nights ago, but hopefully he will be ok and can resume his breakout season.  I love him.  I love him like a milkshake.
  5. Wimmers.  I know he was wild and I know he is hurt, but he had number 3/4 upside when he was drafted and if he can recover from his injury, there's no reason he can't recover his ceiling. 
  6. 5th-round pick Nate Roberts.  OBP machine/mustachioed mofo.
Best Name

James Buckelew, the Twins' 45th-round pick. 

Fun Facts
  • 3rd-round pick Pat Dean has two Baseball Reference pages.  Seriously.  Here's the other one.
  • Four Twins' 2010 draftees are currently pitching for New Britain:  Dean, Achter, 6th-round pick Logan Darnell, and 7th-round pick Matt Hauser.  9th-round pick Kyle Knudson is also playing for New Britain, but he is not a pitcher, so the others probably razz him. 
  • Twins' 23rd-round pick Dallas Gallant has the most Texas name of all time. 
  • That Law Firm High School I talked about earlier?  J.D. Williams wasn't the only Twins' 2010 draftee from that school.  The Twins also selected Kelvin Mention in the 36th round.  These two jokers make up half of the players ever drafted from this Firm.
  • The Twins drafted Lance Ray in the 8th round and Jared Ray in the 38th round.  I don't think they are brothers, but there is certainly a Ray of hope that they are. 
2013 Twins?

None, but perhaps a couple in 2014?  Eh?  EHH?

One Sentence Summary

If Niko Goodrum needs a house family, he is welcome at my house - although he is playing 250 miles away and should probably have a home by now. 

Link to the Twins' 2010 draft from Baseball Reference

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