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25 Minnesota Twins Drafts in 25 Days: 2009

The 2008 draft has produced just one MLB player.  The 2009 draft has doubled that number!  WHOOO!  In addition, there is a pitcher who was drafted in 2009 who has been a bit of a controversial figure over the last few weeks.  He was a college kid, so he should have moved quickly.  He's suffered through some injuries, and he's probably a level lower than he should be.  The problem is that he isn't consistent enough and that absolutely has to change.  Of course, I speak of 16th-round pick Dakota Watts

1st Round Picks

Oh, you thought I meant Kyle Gibson.  Well, I didn't.  Kyle Gibson was the 22nd overall pick out of The University of Missouri.  Gibson was considered a fast-track candidate, but succumbed to Tommy John surgery in his second Minor League season.  He returned late in 2012 and started 2013 with Rochester.  Gibson should become the third member of the 2009 draft class to reach the Majors and it will probably happen any day now.  He still has number 2 starter upside, but like Dakota Watts, he needs to be more consistent. 

In 2006, the Twins signed Dennys Reyes.  He pitched for the Twins for three seasons and provided great value as a lefty specialist.  When he left after the 2008 season, the Twins were awarded a first-round supplemental pick for the 2009 draft.  Dennys Reyes is literally Santa Claus.  The Twins used that pick on Matt Bashore, who also had TJ surgery, but has not recovered and is not currently with a pro team.   

Ah, but what if?

Once upon a time, I wrote all about the biggest what if from the 2009 draft:  What if the Twins had drafted Mike Trout instead of Kyle Gibson?  It would have been epic, but the Twins starting pitching situation would be in even more dire straits than it is right now.  You can Google that article if you really want to, but it's a bit outdated.  Basically, the Twins would have Trout and not Gibson.  Simple as that.  Trout is awesome, but Gibson's absence would really hurt this organization.  It's certainly an interesting what if.    

Best Late Round Pick

Does the 8th round count as late?  I guess it does in the MLB draft.  In the 8th round, with the 252nd overall pick, the Twins drafted Brian Dozier.  Dozier has great eyes, a wonderful smile and excellent hair.  He's also very good at baseball.  He had a breakout Minor League season in 2011 and made his MLB debut in 2012.  He scuffled, but has returned to the Twins in 2013 as a second baseman and shown excellent defensive skills at that position.  He is still young enough to improve his hitting and become a valuable player.  Plus, he has that charming Mississippi accent.  Dreamy.

The One Who Got Away

The Twins drafted David Hurlbut in the 35th round out of Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California.  The devil told him to go get more education, so he went to Cal State Fullerton for a couple years.  Hurlbut is currently pitching for the Cedar Rapids Kernels.  Whaaaa?!?!?  He got away, but not for long.  More on that when we discuss the 2011 draft.  Be patient. 

Still Kicking Around
  • 6th-round pick Chris Herrmann is more than kicking around, he's playing for the Twins!
  • Dakota Watts is pitching for Fort Myers
  • David Hurlbut is pitching for Cedar Rapids (but you already know that)
  • Kyle Gibson is pitching for Rochester (but you definitely already know that)
Best Name

Ben Tootle is just too easy.  He was the Twins' 3rd-round pick, but he is also not my choice.  The best name from the 2009 draft is Paul-Michael Klingsberg, the Twins' 49th-round pick. 

Fun Facts
  • The Twins drafted Eric Decker, a centerfielder out of the University of Minnesota, in the 27th round.  They assigned him to their Denver Broncos affiliate. 
  • The Twins drafted Steven Liddle in the 15th round.  I had a whole spiel written about how this pick was nepotism and that he was only drafted because he was Steve Liddle's kid and how disgusted I was and how it made me sick to my stomach.  Then, I looked it up and they aren't related.  Now I just think it's cute.   
  • Twins' second-round pick Billy Bullock was a flamethrower.  The Twins used him to trade for Scott Diamond and the internet went loco.  In the end, Bullock flamed out and Diamond provided one very solid season.  Even if Diamond never provides positive value again, this trade was a win for the Twins. 
  • The Twins did not select a high school player in the 2009 draft until the 9th round.  That is ageism and they should be sued. 
  • The Twins received a supplemental first-round pick for Dennys Reyes.  This seems like a good time to remind everyone that Jacque Jones only provided the Twins with a supplemental fourth-round pick.  What an odd system.
2013 Twins?

Dozier, Herrmann and probably Gibson.

One Sentence Summary

Kyle Gibson is not in the current starting rotation and Sam Deduno is.

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