Friday, August 17, 2012

Uh, Manifesto I guess

Baseball is certainly evolving.  There are many experts.  Their expertise comes from many different backgrounds.  Some come from the scouting background, some come from a statistical background, some are journalists, and some are former baseball players.  All of these experts have a lot to offer.  Initially, I relied on the journalists and broadcasters to learn about baseball.  As I got older, I read Moneyball, gave myself a Billy Beane haircut and started getting really into statistics.  A couple years ago, I bought a Baseball Prospectus subscription and started learning more about the scouting side of things from some really fantastic writers like Jason Parks and Kevin Goldstein.  I often find myself watching MLB Network and learning the intricacies of baseball from former players.  Some former players are better than others, but it is always great to hear from those that played at the highest level. 

As a result, I have learned that using statistics to evaluate minor leaguers might not be the best way to predict their futures.  I have learned that a good strikeout to walk ratio for a pitcher is 3.0 or higher.  I have learned that power isn't necessary equal to home runs.  I am also aware of the human side of baseball and that even though players make far more money than I ever will, they are still in possession of human brains and human faults. 

In summation, I have tried to become a very rational baseball fan.  When Brian Dozier debuts for the Twins, I know that he will not be a superstar.  When Francisco Liriano is on the trading block, I know the Twins cannot get Jurickson Profar from the Rangers just because the Rangers need a starting pitcher for their playoff run.  I know that the Twins cannot fire Ron Gardenhire, in spite of his team's current issues, because he is well liked in the clubhouse and well respected in baseball. 

However, I am a fan.  I have knee-jerk reactions.  I have desires to see my favorite team reach massive levels of success.  When Brian Dozier debuts for the Twins, I want him to come up and start bombing doubles into the gaps.  When Francisco Liriano is on the trading block, I want the Twins to move him for two young pitching prospects that can throw 96-98 on the radar gun.  I would like to see my favorite team have more success than simply winning division titles and I am bothered by the playoff record of Ron Gardenhire.

This blog will be an attempt to reconcile the rational and irrational side of my fandom.  I am not an expert on any of the subjects that I have mentioned above.  I watch a lot of baseball, I read as much as I can, and I have a lot of ideas.  Some of my ideas are going to seem very strange.  Occasionally, I might deviate from analysis to storytelling.  As much as I like baseball, I don't take it very seriously, so don't get upset if I get a little strange at times.  Oh yeah, I'll probably be wrong a lot.  I guess I should not admit that, but I hope it makes me look really humble.  I am super humble.  Enjoy!

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