Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Mailbag (3/15/2013)!!!!!

I get asked a lot of questions in my daily travels.  Most of them are related to social studies and asked by 14-year-olds.  However, I was once asked a question about the Twins and that inspired me to start a weekly (probably not) Friday mailbag! 

A recent report stated that the Texas Rangers are likely to trade Elvis Andrus if they cannot extend him.  With Jurickson Profar on his way to stardom, should the Twins try to low-ball the Rangers to help with their impending problem?  What would be a realistic trade proposal the Twins could make and would you make that trade.  Thanks, huge fan!

- Brad S (Twin Cities, MN)

Aw, that's sweet.  Elvis Andrus is an excellent player.   He plays great defense, is improving on offense and runs the bases well.  He is only 24 years old and could be an all-star shortstop for the next 10 years.  Of course, the Rangers know that as well.  I don't think a low-ball offer is a good idea, because the Rangers have other options.  They may try to trade him, find that no offer is up to their standards, and then simply move him to second base, to make room for Profar.  It's not their ideal scenario, but it's better than taking back a poor return.

A fair offer would probably start with Miguel Sano or Byron Buxton.  Both are excellent prospects, but Andrus is a proven shortstop with upside of his own.  I wouldn't see any scenario where the Twins acquire Andrus without giving up one of those players.  Then, they would likely need to add 2 more good prospects (think some combination of two of the following: Eddie Rosario, Alex Meyer, Jose Berrios, Max Kepler), to make it work.  That sounds like a lot to give up, as we tend to grow to love our teams' prospects.  However, a player like Andrus is rare and has a ton of value.  You can't low-ball and expect to land him. 

If the Twins offered Sano, Oswaldo Arcia and Berrios, I bet it would be a done deal.  Would you make that deal?

Hi Brad, huge fan.  I have three questions.  Who wins a "Battle of the Network Stars" style competition between current Red Sox players and current Celtics players?  Can you please compare the cast of Cheers (Shelly Long version, of course) to the 2004 Red Sox?  Which 90210 character would make the best shortstop?  Thanks!

- Bill S. (Los Angeles, CA)

Wow.  I had no idea you were a reader.  I'm a huge fan as well.  However, these questions are well outside of my area of expertise.  I just assumed you were working on 5000-word-columns about each of these questions.  I'll answer rapid fire:  Red Sox because they'd have PEDs, No, I cannot, and Robbie?  Oh, and thanks for letting me use your mailbag idea.  That was very kind.

Hi Brad, big fan.  I would say that you and Teddy Roosevelt are my two heroes.  I print all your posts and use them to line my walls as wallpaper.  Anyway, which Twin are you higher on than most and which Twin are you lower on than most?

- Brad S (Twin Cities, MN)

Thank you for the kind words.  Although, Roosevelt was a known conservationist, and he would probably be appalled to hear that you are wasting paper in such a manner.  In fact, he'd probably hunt you for sport.  However, he is dead, and ghosts can't hunt.  Going forward, just make PDF copies of my posts and set them as your computer desktop background instead. 

As for your question, it depends on what you mean by higher and lower.  I certainly think that Pedro Florimon can provide better value than many are expecting, if his glove is as advertised.  A 2-win player is a 2-win player is a 2-win player.  If a player provides value in one area and not the other, it shouldn't matter which area the player provides value.  Ryan Doumit was pretty much all offense and no defense.  Pedro Florimon could prove to be the opposite.  If both provide equal value, who cares where it comes from?

I am lower on Justin Morneau, but just because I think his World Baseball Classic showing might be inflating his expectations.  I think he will be good, but I don't see him returning to his MVP form or anything like that.  If he can provide a .280/.350/.475 line, I'd be pretty happy with that.  I'd probably trade him before he can put up a full season at that rate though.

Stop making fun of my cheeks, stomach and tiny running steps.  

- Delmon Y (Philadelphia, PA)

You're right, I need to stop resorting to making fun of your body.  It's just not nice, and it's lazy.  Instead, I shall refer to you now as Elmn Yung, since you have no O and no D.

Hi Brad, I am a relatively huge fan.  I consider you the Sacagawea of Kevin Slowey was Framed!  The Twins recently reassigned Kyle Gibson to AAA.  He wasn't having a great Spring, but it seems he is a better option than a few slated for the rotation.  Where do you stand on Gibson and his contributions in 2013?

- Brad S (Twin Cities, MN)

Wow, two U.S. History references!  Who are these people, am I right?  To be fair, I am the only member of Kevin Slowey was Framed! so I am all things and nothing at once.

I think Gibson is going to be a really good pitcher.  I like that his stuff is mostly back after his surgery.  He seems to be working on getting his feel and consistency back, but those were his hallmarks prior to his arm issues.  If those two things come back, he could be a quality starting pitcher for the Twins, in the near future. 

That being said, I am fine with Gibson being cut and I would be fine with Gibson spending all of 2013 in AAA, if it comes to that.  The Twins have other starting options.  We may not like them, but they exist.  Gibson is still recovering from major elbow surgery and he hasn't been consistently effective yet.  I'm not saying they should hold him down in AAA no matter what.  If he pitches well for a sustained period of time, he should be called up.  However, if he remains inconsistent and is still getting his feel back, he should do that in AAA.  I would like to see him get at least a handful of starts with the Twins, at some point this season.

Joe Mauer is the Worst.

- Brad S (Twin Cities, MN)

That's not a question.  It's not true either.  This stuff has to stop.  You are either expecting too much from Mauer or you hate everyone.  Either way isn't good for your blood pressure.  In 2012, no one made outs at a lower rate than Mauer.  That seems to be better than "the worst."  Just enjoy him.  He'll be gone before you know it.

Thanks for all the great questions everyone.  If you want to contribute to a future mailbag, you should probably contact me.  I think I have a hotmail account that I use, but I can't remember the password.

How about this, post your question as a review of this Little Caesar's Pizza on Yelp.  I'll just know to check that review periodically.  Have a nice weekend! 

Brad Swanson is not qualified to answer your questions.  He really needs to start cleaning the garage.  His musings can be heard if you are in his car between the hours of roughly 7:30 - 8:30am and 4:00 - 5:00pm, depending on traffic. 

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