Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Still Around!

Good morning everyone!  I apologize for the lack of activity on this blog over the last month.  I really miss sharing my thoughts on the Twins and other related subjects.  I appreciate those of you who have reached out to check in on me.  Everything is great and I appreciate your concern!  There have been a series of events that have kept me from my computer and kept me from watching Twins baseball.

First, my wife and I sold our house.  We sold it quickly too.  So quickly that we don't have a new place just yet.  We're staying with very understanding and accommodating family, so we're in good shape.  Second, my school started back up and we've been extremely busy.  Most of the nights I used to devote to writing are being devoted to my school.  I'm happy to do that, but it really gets in the way of a good Kennys Vargas KWL chart.  I've been begging my school to add Vargas Studies to our curriculum, but I keep getting shot down.  Third, it's wedding season and we're in the thick of it.  I swear every person I've ever met is getting married between 8/2014 and 9/2014.  It's wild.

These events are all positive, but when they compounded, the time to absorb Twins baseball enough to post a cogent thought and a silly photoshop is simply not there.  Plus, I haven't watched a lot of games and it would be disingenuous to write about something that I haven't seen.  Now, if you want my analysis of how awful wedding music is or how to Tetris-ly fill a storage locker with everything you own, please reach out.  

I am hopeful that things will slow down in the next couple of weeks and I can get you some hardcore analysis.  I have plans to write about the ten best performances in the Twins organization in 2014.  I have plans to analyze the 40-man roster and look at free agent targets.  I have plans to take Oswaldo Arcia's hair and photoshop it onto important historical figures.  These are the things I want to share with you and I want to share them very soon.

I do have some very quick Twins thoughts that I just can't keep inside me any longer.  Because I am still short on time, these thoughts will be only half-baked, slightly less baked than my typical 60%-baked thoughts.

Eduardo Escobar will reach 400 at-bats, likely in his next game.  When I invented the Eddie 400, it was all about giving an opportunity to a younger player with more potential.  I had no idea he would seize his opportunity so greatly.  In fact, when I do write about the ten best performances in the Twins' organization, Escobar will likely be one of the ten.  Plus, that smile.

Aaron Hicks is back, which pleases me greatly.  He's finally getting some ground ball luck too.  Just watching this weekend, I saw at least two ground balls that actually found holes instead of gloves.  While Hicks hasn't consistently hit the ball hard as a Twin, his .266 career BABIP is shockingly low for someone with his speed and power-potential.  He has been quite horrible as a Twin, but I still think he can be a valuable piece going forward.  His current .347 OBP would be in the top 50 in the Majors if he qualified.  Hey, he has a skill!

These are too baked, it's time to move to some true quick-hits!
  • Kennys Vargas is a monster who does monstrous things to baseballs.  No analysis here, he's just really fun to watch. 
  • Josmil Pinto is back in Minnesota, so I can finally stop crying.  
  • Kyle Gibson looks tired.  Not like he didn't sleep well but like he's thrown a lot of innings.  He's already past his total from last season and he's improved substantially in year two.  I think he could really break out next season.
  • Oswaldo Arica continues to be my favorite player despite a complete lack of any sort of discipline.  Who am I kidding?  That's why he's my favorite player!
  • Uh, Phil Hughes was a pretty good signing.  
  • Uh, Ricky Nolasco was a pretty unfortunate signing.  I think he's much better next year though.  Of course, that's a bit akin to saying that Fall will be colder than Summer.  
Well, that's all I've got.  A month away and I can't muster up more than this?  I'm excited to get back to regular posts.  Hopefully, I can keep battling and grind out some good posts.  Have a good day, everyone!


  1. Yay! Good to have you back!

    Twins have looked pretty sharp at times - feeling mildly optimistic about the next few years.

  2. Glad you're back Brad! I was beginning to get worried!

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  4. Thanks guys, except Lukas, I'm happy to be back as well!