Saturday, January 4, 2014

Who wore it best - Minnesota Twins edition!

Oh boy, we've hit a milestone.  This is my 250th post here at KSlow was Framed!  Therefore, I felt it imperative to really nail this important post in the blog's history.  I thought about doing a career retrospective or an autobiography or something.  Perhaps an oral history?  Yeah, I could interview people who contributed to the trials and tribulations.  I could get all kinds of quotes and put together the elaborate web that lead to this madness.  It would be an apt way to celebrate such an event.

But then, that all seemed like a whole lot of work.

Instead, here are five Twins players in hot dog suits.  Please use the poll at the end to determine who wore it best.  Thanks.

Joe Mauer

Brian Dozier

Sam Deduno

Glen Perkins

Eduardo Escobar

Who wore it best - Hot Dog suit?

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