Friday, February 22, 2013

Randomz - Rondell, Bobby Bo, Glenallen, and more

I think about baseball way too much.  Often, I find my mind drifting to random baseball-related items.  I decided to start posting these, as a way to share with others/document for the future professionals who will need to evaluate me.  The extra "z" is for Zeile, the incorrect way I spell the word zeal.

Rondell White

My muse.  Not always, just for this nonsense.  If you somehow stumble upon this, hate it, then lament whatever brought you here, you can blame Rondell.  I was shoveling my driveway today and for some reason, Rondell White popped into my head.  I remember when the Twins signed him.  I was positive that they were adding 100 RBI to their lineup.  This belief completely ignored the fact that he had played 13 seasons and had never driven in more than 87 runs.  Back in 2006, we did not have the luxury of the internet.  I couldn't simply look his stats up anywhere.

As it turned out, Rondell White wasn't very good for the Twins.  I'm actually really surprised that they retired his number.  He had a 66 OPS+ and then a 48 OPS+ in two seasons with the Twins.  Yikes.  But, if you add those up, you get a 114 OPS+ and that is well above league average.  I also remember him injuring his kidney with the Twins.  That actually happened in 1996, nearly a decade before he signed with the Twins.  My memory is terrible.  Oh, it's his birthday tomorrow.  Who else has a birthday tomorrow?

Bobby Bonilla

Bonilla helped produce one of my favorite clubhouse video clips (about 2:11 in the clip), when he threatened a reporter and repeatedly asked him to "make your move."  My cousin always pronounced his name as "Bobby Banilla" as if his last name rhymed with "vanilla."  This combo inspired me to make this:

So, if you were looking for a blog that has the guts to make a 20-year-old Bobby Bonilla reference, you may have found your nirvana.

Alexi Casilla 

He really reminds me of the song "You Can't Quit Me Baby" by Queens of the Stone Age.  This is true because he is so cool.  I also think his name is cool and the name of that song is cool as well.  The song gets a bit disjointed at the end, which is a good parallel to Lexi's Twins career.  This is actually a pretty terrible analogy, so I am going to abandon it now.  I just like this song and this player and I don't see why those things can be clumsily lumped together in the middle of a randomz.

Samuel Deduno

Sam Deduno gets to pitch for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic.  That's cool.  He said he wanted to pitch for his country and now he gets to.  I'd be pretty psyched/surprised if I was asked to pitch for my country, so I'm happy for him.

Randomz Prediction

The following players will be good at baseball:  Bryce Harper, Miguel Cabrera, Albert Pujols, Stephen Strasburg, and Joey Votto.

Glenallen Hill

I'm a big fan of Grant Brisbee's McCovey Chronicles.  First, Brisbee is an amazing writer.  Second, he finds really cool stuff.  Third, someone could make a Grant Frisbee joke at some point.  Today, he posted a video of Glenallen Hill absolutely murdering a baseball out of Wrigley Field (among other cool videos).  This video reminded me that I used to refer to the hill behind my house as "Glenallen Hill."  Pretty clever stuff.

Anyway, one day, my brother and I were playing on Glenallen Hill and he tripped and just started rolling down Glenallen Hill.  He kept rolling over his own hands, all the way down Glenallen Hill.  By the time he got to the end of Glenallen Hill, he was in pretty rough shape.  I went running up Glenallen Hill and shot through our back door until I found my mom.  I screamed, "Matt fell down Glenallen Hill!, Matt fell down Glenallen Hill!" repeatedly, until my mom put on her shoes and went out to find my brother all the way at the bottom of Glenallen Hill, writhing in pain.  She had to carry him up Glenallen Hill, even though his legs were fine.  We moved away from Glenallen Hill shortly thereafter, but I hope in my heart that no other children were ever hurt falling down Glenallen Hill.

You know what, you should probably just go visit the McCovey Chronicles.

Paint Picture - Tigers from Space

I made a reference to something my wife said about the girth of many members of the Tigers' 2012 World Series participant team.  You can read it in my 2013 Tigers preview.  Basically, they fat.  I made this image as a visual representation:

I have to say, I'm most proud of the way I have Austin Jackson shading toward Delmon Young.  A subtle jab at his lack of range!  Actually, my fine motor skills aren't great.  By the way, this is an end of game situation, so Jose Valverde is on the mound.

Did you look to see if the Twins actually retired Rondell White's number?  If so, BAM!  Remember Emeril?  Hava good one!

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