Monday, September 10, 2012

Mondayne Notes - 9/10/2012

The Games

Monday - Loss to Chicago - 4-2

I did not watch this game, as I had an awesome bout of food poisoning to keep me occupied.  Deduno seems to have had a quality start, although the 3 Ks and 3 BBs don't make for a good ratio.  Joe Mauer was caught stealing, so he is clearly overpaid. 

Tuesday - Win over Chicago - 18-9

Well, that was something.  The offense lit up the White Sox and Phil Humber was far from perfect.  Chris Parmelee hit another home run too.  I am to the point with him that I want to see what he does with 500 or more at bats next year.  Between these two Septembers (granted one is still in progress) and his AAA numbers this year, he has earned it.  I wouldn't be too surprised if he put up numbers similar to Justin Morneau's 2012 numbers, if given the chance.  With 2013 a very unlikely year for actual contention, it seems to make sense to see what he can do.

Wednesday - Loss to Chicago - 6-2

Well, that was the P.J. Walters we were waiting for.  You could say it was just Alex Rios that killed him, but 99 pitches in 5 innings is not done by one hitter.  Chris Parmelee had a couple more hits, and hit play just seems to be begging for a full-time job next year. 

Thursday - No Game

Friday - Loss to Cleveland - 7-6

As hopeful as I was about Liam Hendriks and his potential for MLB success, I am starting to think it might not happen.  He doesn't look comfortable at all.  I realize that is not a great statistical argument, but maybe something in his personality will keep him from being a successful pitcher.  Perhaps he is just adjusting to this league.  It seems that the way he works on the mound (slowly) is not going to make him popular in this organization.  He might have a shorter leash than others, but that could just be conjecture on my part.

Saturday - Win over Cleveland - 3-0

Cole De Vries deserves praise for this pitching performance.  I have criticized him for being inefficient with his pitches and in this game he got through 6 innings using just 84 pitches.  That is much better.  However, it is a bit telling that he didn't get to go out for a 7th.  Maybe the team wanted to make sure he got the win, and maybe Gardenhire thinks 6 innings is all you need from your starter when you can go Duensing-Burton-Perkins in the last 3.  I think it is a bit odd that he didn't get to start the 7th inning.  I'm not really criticizing the decision as much as I am curious as to whether it means something.

Sunday - Win over Cleveland - 8-7

Esmerling Vasquez is not great.  He nibbles with bad stuff.  That just a brutal combination.  Greg Maddux can paint corners, Vasquez cannot.  It shouldn't be too surprising that he isn't good, as his relief numbers with Arizona were pretty bad too.  Sometimes, a player is what he is.  Ben Revere made a play that really bothered me and the broadcasters in this game.  With runners on 1st and 2nd, Revere caught a fly ball in deep center and tried to throw the runner out at 3rd.  He has a really weak arm.  That is just the reality.  His throw wasn't even close and it allowed the runner on 1st to get to 2nd.  Ultimately, it didn't matter much, but it does seem Revere doesn't know his own limitations.  What an interesting idea to pursue further...

Walk off home runs - always fun.

The Transactions

9/4 - Called up Eduardo Escobar and Luis Perdomo

It seems the more significant news related to these call-ups is the fact that these were the only call-ups.  It seems odd that Brian Dozier went from starting shortstop to not on the roster.  There is a petition started to get Anthony Slama an opportunity.  It isn't surprising that guys like Arcia and Hicks weren't called up, but it would have been fun to see them play.  Escobar is probably better than Pedro Florimon.  Is that really something though?  Perdomo is nothing more than bullpen depth.

The Injuries

Matt Capps - Shoulder - September?

Capps is throwing off of flat ground and I guess he could pitch at some point.  But, what is the point?

Denard Span - Shoulder - Soon?

It sounds like Span should be back soon, which will be nice.  Span is still one of the better players on the team, and I like to watch him play.

Josh Willingham - Hamstring - Day to Day

Willingham is likely to get a lot of days off as the year winds down.  He has been the team MVP, so he certainly deserves some rest.

The Standings
Games Back
Last 10
Chicago Cubs

The Twins have actually been the best of these 7 rotten teams over the last 10 games.  I have become resigned to the fact that Cleveland will finish in last place and many Twins fans will rejoice.  I will not be one of them.  Boston doesn't seem to be trying at all, and could be a dark horse bottom 5 team.  I still hope the Twins can finish in the bottom 3, but I am a notoriously negative nerd. 

The Future updated their prospect lists!  4 Twins were in their top 100 and I am sure Oswaldo Arcia (who wasn't) was close.  The farm system outlook is seemingly looking up.  The four guys in the top 100 - Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, Aaron Hicks and Eddie Rosario, all have a lot of promise.  Sano and Buxton have star potential.  However, this system has a lot of interesting prospects outside of the top 100.  I'll highlight my excitement over these players in the future, but I am certainly keeping an eye on Travis Harrison, Max Kepler, Niko Goodrum and Jose Berrios, to name a few.  I also like that there are three guys outside the top 5 who could still deliver big on past promise - Kyle Gibson, Alex Wimmers and Joe Benson.  What was considered a weak farm system going into 2012 certainly looks more promising after a good 2012 in the Minors.

The Big Picture

In a previous post, I posited that the Twins in 2013 would at best be a 2012 Baltimore Orioles type of contender.  I am starting to think that might be a whole lot of fun, possibly more fun than a season of assumed success.  If you were an Orioles fan going into this year, you had almost no hope of getting to the playoffs.  They started out well, and just kept defying odds and statistics.  Now it is September and they are currently a playoff team (if the season ended today, which it won't).  How much fun would that be for the fans?  You basically have no expectations and the whole season is gravy.  Even if they ultimately miss the playoffs, it would still be an extremely fun ride.  It would be hard to be disappointed with a season like that.  For Twins fans, this would be a more than welcome change from the past two seasons. 

Fantasy Tip of the Week

DROP ADDISON REED ALREADY!  He just makes you angry.  Even when he gets a save, he gives up like 50 hits and walks everyone else.  He has been a train wreck for a month now.  It is time to cut ties, if only for your own health and well-being.  You don't even need saves.  You have plenty of good pitching, just drop him and be done with it.

Sorry, that one is aimed at the author.  I need to talk some sense into myself.

Have a nice week everyone!

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